《Fukuoka》Best 20 recommended International parties, bars and events

How long have you stayed in Fukuoka, so far? Do you know that there are variety of  places to meet Japanese who wants to mingle with you? If you really want to socialize with us, nothing to worry, you can make new relationships at an easy way and in a suitable place. At the drop of a hat, I’m going to recommend some ‘international spots’.

International parties

☝︎Recommendation of international parties in Fukuoka

Fukuoka has great international bars, pubs and international events. When you visit these international spots, you can meet different kind of people especially Japanese who wants to have fun with foreigners and to you. You don’t miss the boat, do you?  My suggestion is you go explore to these areas enjoy and socialize socialize with us.

Business Networking Monday at Fukuoka Startup Cafe

In Fukuoka Start Up Cafe, you can join ‘Business Networking’ for free. If you own a business or planning to be a solopreneur, you should check this event in order to build unique relationship with businessman. You can also meet variety of people who came from different countries such as England, Frence, some Europe countries.


On the other hand, you can meet some Japanese who are trying to have business relationships with you. It’s going to be awesome opportunity. As a note, you should make your business card the same as cards.

Business Networking

Makeing friend using SNS


If you really want to mingle with Japanese why don’t you use SNS. SNS is easy way to meet with Japanese. Using app, such as LINE, Facebook, and many apps. Among some SNS, on my experiences, my recommendation is app.

The app is famous for Japanese who want to meet foreigners, so it’s gonna be helpful for you. If you interested in any SNS, check others also.

Recommended Mingling SNSs



For university students, What’s FUKUOKA  is much better than other international events. The event is for only students. In this organization, they held a party once a month. you can join parties for really reasonable prices. If you need to know that parties, check the official web page.

NPO smiley flowers 


Smiley flowers  is incorporated nonprofit organization. Usually people just group it in with one of the charities or volunteer events. Basically it’s really reasonable to join this event. Moreover, usual events are bustling. In fact the organizer of this event is running a study abroad agency. Don’t worry to communicate with them you can use English, instead of using Japanese.



On the Kokutai road, you can see a bit of strange food vender which is called Yatai, Remisanchi. This Yatai is quote new. Probably from 2017, they’ve started to run. To be honest, I’ve never visited it yet, just my friend told me the spot. If you wanna join the Yatai, why don’t you try it. This street vender is located in front of a LOFT, the store.

Canadian party in Fukuoka


Once a year, you can join a Canadian party in Fukuoka, Tenjin. There are about 200 to 300 people come and join and drink together. If you want to meet with Canadians, that’s easy to look for it. When I visited here, I was able to meet pair of Japanese women a lot. That’s mean, I think they want to talk with Canadians. If you are Canadians or any other countries people who are Americans and English, you can be friends with them.


Thus ecent’s organaized by Fukuoka Now. To know more the details, check the official page.

Fukuoka Now

Langage Exchange meet up

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Langage exchange  isn’t just a language exchanging. You can meet many Japanese who are really want to teach you Japanese. About an hour, you can talk using English. On the other hand, about half an hour, you are able to be taught Japanese. In stead of that, at least half, you need to teach your mother tong. It shouldn’t be only using English just your language which you can use.

SUiTO fukuoka


Feeling modern Japanese culture, you should visit to SUiTO FUKUOKA. Eating Japanese traditional food and experience real modern Japanese culture are nice opportunity. This facilitation is super exclusive and sophisticated.

Fifo fukuoka


The most poplar international event is FIFO international party. FIFO held many events in whole Japan. The organizers are trying to make these events are popular. If you are foreigner, you can meet new people. Because Japanese girls and women want to talk with you.

> 《広島・福岡》国際交流パーティFIFOに潜入してみた!外人の友達はつくれるのか?

Fit in Fukuoka

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While trying to shape your baddy, you can communicate in English. fit in fukuoka‘s organized by English speaker who is not able to speak Japanese frequently. So the instructor teach us  how to move baddy in English. One try for 1,000 yen, quite reasonable.

English de Yoga


If you are interested in Yoga. please check this event. Every Thursday, from 8:00p.m., this event held. An instructor teach us how to pose specific Yoga shape in English. That’s much easier than to be taught in Japanese for you. If you want to join the event, check this meet up, English de Yoga.

Fukuoka English Cafe

In Fukuoka, there are a lot of ‘English cafe’ exist. You can meet Japanese who want to learn English from foreigners. If you can teach English, that’s really advantage to have sideline itself.

Global cafe Eikaiwa


Finding a classy and cozy cafe is here, Global cafe. The cafe is located near Ohori park. This is quite new cafe. you can drink coffees and also beers and any cocktails. If you can teach English you can be a teacher as well.

《福岡》大濠公園前にあるGlobal cafeグローバルカフェの英会話カフェにお邪魔してきた。

Cafe Eikaiwa


From 500 yen, you can join this English Cafe. Basically this cafe for English speaker who are learning English or someone wants to talk something in English. The cost is cheapest among any events held in Fukuoka.


NZ cafe


At a D-wing tower,  a NZ cafe is located. The owner of this cafe is Japanese woman who can speak English a bit. The space is call ‘Cafe’ but it’s just a room. A part of the room of D-wing tower. Could be she who is the owner is doing by herself as one of hobby.

NZ cafe

Inter national bar


Inter national bar is the most internatinal bar in Fukuoka. The one of owner of the bar is Anita, she’s from US, NY. Her hospitality is awesome. That’s why people want to come here again and again. Also a lot of Japanese fan of her are coming all weekends. Weekends are crowded, weekdays are much better to talk with her.

Green room


Just an English cafe at Dimyo area. For one class, 1,000 yen. It’s basically for Japanese who want to improve their Englsih. So If you can speak English you can be a teacher not only native English speaker but also learner can be, even using English as your second language. The class is not so high level, just for beginner. If you know more details of the cafe check this.

British Pub MORRIS’ 


British Pub MORRIS’ is an Irish pub, launched in whole Japan. My suggestion is just grab a beer and say cheers with people next you. This bar is famous among foreigners and Japanese who want to socialize with foreigners. So on any weekends, you can meet many people.



This is located at Oyafuko road, it’s kind of a sports bar. One of staff can speak english who is from Malaysia. Also many foreigners come to the bar almost everyday. This is also famous like a pub.



In fron of the DOGS, this is also popular pub for foreigners who are living in Fukuoka. This is just a bar. But at lunch time, the bar is changed to a cafe. In this cafe, one of staff teaches English to Japanese.